Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sania Maskatiya Designer Lawn Series collaboration with Alkaram Studio

Fashion Designer Sania Maskatiya recently launched her Spring/Summer designer collection lawn series with Alkaram at the Alkaram Studio in Lahore.

Here are some snap shoots from her launch.  Soon will do a details blog post about her collection.
For any updates you can click on their face book fan page

 Super gorgeous Sania Maskatiya (I must say she has a killing smile <3)

 Representatives are helping clients to select the dress 

Fresh flowers arrangements 


Chaaaa pose with Sonia Nazir 

Me with Zara Peerzada 

Yours truly ;)

PR:  Golin
Pictures:  Fakhra Blog

Monday, 30 March 2015

Happy Spring - Purple Dragon Top - OOTD

Though i am not into Out fit of the day sort of thing, but last year i have attended many training, exhibitions, events blah blah, but lazy me,... never ever posted those news on my blog.  Randomly i was just going through some old stuff and found these yummy pics, so i decided why not to share with you. So here is a one master piece for my lovers... lolzz...

Yes, this is my last year (march 2014) Look, i went Pearl continental to attend a seminar. :)

I just loving this dragon... <3<3<3 

How is it possible i took picture without any kid - 
Rahimeen was randomly playing in PC, Lounge <3

Top: Lime light
Jeans:  Next
Shoes: Stylo
Bag:  Victoria Secret

PS: one of my friend took these pictures from her Iphone, so no no filter, shilter stuff... ahoo g ;)

Hope you like it.

Hugs & Kisses <3

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow in 08 N’ice Frosting - Review

Last year in summer, i was randomly searching NOTHING at ENEM store, just walking there aween hee, without any reason (as usual ) (lolzzz).  Its my standard practice, i normally enter in a mall, stop all makeup stand, test their latest makeup, chit chat with their respective sales girls, Hug them Kiss over their cheeks and buy Shampoo, soaps and Rashan only. On that day i was not supposed to buy anything so i have lot of time to poke all sales girls, in first i just stopped at Essence stand and start talking to sales girl, she is very nice lady.  My main purpose was to chill them only, than that lady start convincing me to buy something from Essence, either i was damn sure not to BUY anything, especially in makeup but i cant resist in front of that beautiful sale girl and start checking products and that testing and checking process ended with huge shopping, n literately that shopping sheared my pocket :( ((What i get from her, soon will share with you)  Now reviewing their one baby eyeshadow here :)

What company Claim about their product:

Metal meets glam! metallic and shimmering effects on your eyes are the ultimate trend! the especially soft texture with extremely high coverage and metallic results creates expressive eye make-up guaranteed to be eye-catching! the range of colors is huge and sure to make every beauty’s heart beat faster!

My Experience:

When i saw their single metal Glam Eyeshadow range, it quickly catches my eyes, i really want something in white or silver with the blend of glitter or shimmery for my eyes, so my eyes glued on N'ice Frosting single eyeshadow.  First come to its packaging, i truly loving its packaging, Pan and clear lid cover is very strong, handy and eye popping too.  When i open it, its looks amazing & the surface is full of glitter, Wowwww, that's what i want since ages na.  When i start applying it, i realized that the only surface is filled with glitter after that only pure white sheer color left :O which is very disappointing to me :( Anyways, i just ignored the glitter part and put a heavy stone over my heart.  snif snif because this is the only reason i purchased this eyeshadow. Again, Anyways, ;) i just concentrate whatever i have in my hand and start applying this eyeshadow, and realized this is such an amazing eyeshadow. :)

Conclusion:  Basically, this range is mild creamy shimmry eyeshadow.  It gives a medium coverage, smooth application but gives great coverage with eye primer.  I must say this is a pure frosty color.  I mostly worn this color on weddings so never get chance for a longer period, maximum 4 hours. Hey what do u expect a longer period from a frosting color, its best na. 

I personally liked Essence, as they are giving almost all types of variety in makeup on a very reasonable price too.  Its a general observation, that companies whom are serving in a reasonable price normally either give a good quality product but they are lacking on packaging or they gives a full shashkas over packaging but lacking on product quality.  Essence maintained both price and quality, they are basically not playing with client pocket or cheating.

Todays, review is over i know its full of fun. Stay blessed. <3

Monday, 16 March 2015

Italian Architect Alfredo Zengiaro Collaborates with Interwood Pakistan

Interwood – a name synonymous with high quality furniture items in Pakistan. The brand has always worked on introducing innovative products to the local market. Following this tradition, on 13th March 2015, Interwood officially unveiled its line of new Signature Kitchens at its Garden Town Lahore outlet, where Pakistani instrumental trio Three Musketeers also performed. The sleek kitchens have been designed by Italian architect Alfredo Zengiaro - this partnership marks Alfredo’s first ever collaboration with a Pakistani brand. The launch of this significant kitchen line is the perfect new addition to Interwood’s showcase collection. Event management for the launch activity was done by FCCM while PR was looked after by Pitch Media Inc.

Alfredo Zengiaro is the creative Italian architect behind the designs of the new Interwood Signature Kitchens. Born in Vicenza in 1957 and having graduated in architecture from Venice in 1984, Alfredo has amazing aesthetics. He has been associated with many brands that specialize in kitchen spaces. Combined with the professionalism of Interwood’s history of providing the customer with the best of the best, the union between the architect and the company has brought out the supreme in
design, which Interwood is providing through their new Signature Kitchens.

A contemporary touch has been given to the numerous Interwood kitchen expanses, keeping in mind that conservation of space is a necessary requirement for every design. However that does not hinder the structures that have been constructed with perfect harmony, accentuating the textures. High end materials such as tempered glass, high gloss paint finish and wavy board veneers have been used to ensure a premium quality Italian experience for customers.

The interaction of wood with modern technology that is required in everyday tasks in a kitchen, have been put together in order to make task performance in Interwood’s new Signature Kitchens, an effortless one.
Pakistani instrumental trio Three Musketeers

To give a classy touch with sleek designs and fine quality to the most important space in your home, Interwood is now welcoming you to their showrooms in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad respectively, to view the latest offerings.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Beauty UK Lipstick in '10 Passion' - Review & Swatch

Yes, i am a Lipstickholic too, without any doubt.  If you are going to paint something over your lips it must be lipstick either nude or statement one.  If you want to know my mood, just check my Kohal routine with my lipstick color :) Lipstick means a perfect lipstick, no matter either its matte or  glossy, nude or bold statement.  Am little bit hesitate with glitter or shimmer one, because i have bigger, i means you know fuller lips ;) naturally (God Gifted) ahem ahem, so i avoid for such shashkas over my lips, hope you got my point ;)

Beauty UK Lipstick in 10 Passion

Packaging is cool in black, in which its cap contain a separate clear part showing the color, which is great to pick a lipstick without any hassle .... and for your kind information try to remove that part, as its contain a gloss ;) yuppeee.

The bullet color is perfect hot pink. Its application over lips may change the color tendency, again it depends on your own lips natural color.  Its a pure moisturizing glossy lipstick with matte finish and having killing pigmentation too. As its glossy, so easily glides over your lips and gives a perfect shade and full coverage. Staying power Oh hello .... although its glossy but stays over my lips more than 4 hours.  Best part is, when you applied this you feel minty feeling, yea it contain slightly minty flavor.  :) 

Overall, i truly loving this shades though its not a daily wear shade but again its up to your choice.

Sorry for bad swatch, as my camera is not supporting me in a nicer way :(

Conclusion:  I am totally impressed, their packaging and product quality on such cheap rates.

You can get Beauty Uk products from any renewed store, i found their stand at Raja Sahib, Liberty, Lahore.

For any updates you can visit on their FB Page too.

Happy Shopping :)

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Jo’s Organic – Turmeric Mix/Ubtan (Brighten & Glow pack) Review

Last year, i was facing skin issues, acne, black heads, patchy skin etc. etc. i dont want to visit a doctor, as my preferences was to search some herbal totka, for this.  I worked alot and done some research over this and found some people / pages who are passionately working over herbal products and trying to change common people mind set  so that they can get some really reliable skin care stuff containing all natural / herbal ingredients.  Let me start this with " Jo's Organic Beauty", their intro and their Face Pack.

Company Introduction:

Jo’s Organic Beauty “ is about natural skin product loaded with skin loving nutrients.  The ingredients in each of our product are finely handpicked and 100% organic, free from paragon.  So they bring out the best results in skin care, helping to naturally glow with radiance.  Each of our product contains unique blend of herbal plant extract, butter, beeswax, exotic oils, vitamin rich oil and minerals too soothe, heal, and enhance your face, body and mind.  We sprinkle our product with love and care.  So you may blossom from within and always look irresistible, beauty best!

Jo’s Organic – Turmeric Mix (Brighten & Glow Pack)

This face pack is made from organic fruits extracts, finely ground herbs, flowers, and root powder which are sun dried and carefully blended, it can be used as cleansing scrubs or as face packs for deeper exfoliation.

Its not only help in giving you a fairer complexion, but they also fight other skin problems like acne, pimples, blemishes, dark spots, tan, wrinkles and blackheads, whitehead, and skin tanning. 
All the ingredients used are organic and natural therefore; it does not have any harmful side effects and suits all skin types.

How to make:

Take one table spoon of the turmeric mix powder, add a small amount of the rosewater, fresh milk or yogurt, mix well until the mixture achieves a smooth and creamy consistency. apply this paste of mixture over your whole face and leave it for 20 minutes and wash off.

My Experience:

Last year i was facing acne, blackheads and patchy skin issues so me truly was searching any herbal product to get rid from all skin issues, i found Jo's on facebook and decided to talk to the owner of this page. I called Ms. Jovita, and discussed about my skin issues, after a long discussion, she suggested me Turmeric Mix/Ubtan Brighten & Glow pack.

When i was making a paste of the pack, i feel, ... ahem ahem... its look like, i am mixing something normal gram floor, as i am a big risk taker so i just ignored the feelings and applied paste over my face, wait for 20 minutes and washed my face. OH MY GOD, it works like hell, recovers 50% my skin issues only applying single pack. it make my skin glowing, my acne gone within two days. I cant expect such quick and amazing results from this :) Jovita you win the heart. <3

My nieces facing white heads over her face and neck (on jawline), i applied this pack over her face and neck, and YES her white heads gone within two days too. la la la

I wont claim, that this pack give you whitening effect like Chitta, but i am damn sure this pack give you a radiant glow, give you 100% result for acne, dry patches and works great for dark spots too.

Highly recommended especially our teens, facing acne issues, pls pls pls try this lovely magical face pack and get rid from acne.

For their product range and any consultancy kindly visit their face book page

Happy shopping with Jo's Organic.

PS:  Before buying any skin related products, its highly recommended to consult your dermatologist, or read the ingredients to avoid any allergy or infection.  

Life is beautiful, Live it full of Passion <3

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Beauty UK CC Cream, Review.

Hi Beauties,

Hope life is treating you good. 2013-14 was fully loaded with BB creams fever and after that we caught another virus called CC cream.  Today, I am going to review one CC cream, which I am currently using almost on daily basis.

As everybody talked a lot about BB so I am skipping this BB thing and directly jumping to CC cream.  

CC stand for Color Control or Color Corrector, now I am going to review Beauty UK CC cream and sharing my personal experience.

Beauty UK CC Cream

My Experience:

I love its packaging, available in black squeezable wide tube and a tinny nozzle.  Product texture is average thick, just like normal liquid foundation. When i open it and start applying this product I just start loving it, its very light weight. Though I already tried many BB creams and already knew their formula but this one is better than anything, truly.  I am addictive to apply foundation with my foundation brush as I feel comfortable with it so my experience with foundation brush is amazing, I applied this CC cream all over my face and neck within seconds.It gives me just flawless foundation effect. It balanced my skin, hides almost 70% uneven skin and gives me airbrush effect. Wow, what els you expect a CC cream han... :)

It has the capacity of HD foundations as well, because it hydrates the skin after application and gives you a powder finish look, only HD foundations has such quality or specialty. One more positive point, it contains SPF 30, which is the almost highest rate of SPF and a CC cream containing this ... Amazing...

I am a foundation freaking person and tried lots of foundation from different brands in different types and forms, on basis of my personal experiences which I got normally over my own self, my family or my clients. From 1-5, I will rate this CC cream 3% above than BB creams and only 1% below of any good liquid foundation. Yes only 1% . Coverage is light to above medium and if you follow the buildup foundation coverage technique you will get medium to full coverage. Yup its true ;)

My skin tone in NC 25, and I am using 20 Fawn color which is exactly matched to my skin tone.

Price: £4.99 

Available colors:

10 Natural
20 Fawn
30 Biscuit

Availability:  Easily available on all leading stores.

So far, i didn't found any negative point except they have only 3 colors in their collection, as its a CC cream so better to swatch this and hope you get the color according to your skin tone. :) 

*image from their web site

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