Friday, 28 March 2014

Mughziat Herbal Hair Tonic by Saeed Ghani

To be honestly i am not oiling person, i am not into message, chammpi shampi, etc. personally i don't like it :O i knew its shocking for you but its true :(

But when i took a risk to dye my hair, i automatically start using almost all hair care related products to protect them from chemical after effects.  I will share my all tested products with you one by one.

As everybody knew that last year i have done some low / high lights, now they are finished but my hair turned into blend of brown and walnut (which i am not liking it at all) and the dyed part become very dry, and heavy split ends, though last month i again had a hair cut but my hair are still the same. Last month i went to Hyperstar and get chance to buy Mughziat herbal hair tonic by Saeed Ghani.  I read a good review from one of  my fellow blogger Intensify Beauty Blog, so i decided to try this one.

What Company is Claiming:

  • Pure Herbal oil
  • Formed of fifty four (54) kinds of herbs.
  • stimulates the growth of the hair cells.
  • Softener of the hair & prevent baldness
  • Prevent hair fall.
  • Free from alcohol and dyes
  • Stimulates the dense and strength of children hair

My experience.
It comes in 100ml plastic bottle, packaging is not bad, except the cap of the bottle is quite lose so you need to be careful for this.  Oil color is RED, and smell is not bad, as i have idea, normally herbal products always contain special fragrance/smell which will not irritate you.

I am using this oil since last one month and applied once in a week(as i am not a regular oiling person).  Its work magical on my hair really. It makes my hair smooth, silky and dyed portion which was becoming Golla Gandda color now becoming softer (and bearable at least for me). It gives shines, and reduce dandruff. I am not claiming for hair growth and lengthiness but as my scalp is now free from dandruff so soon my hair will start grow, and i really need patience to see the good results. :)

Over all i will rate it 5/5.
You guys can also get this Mughziat herbal Hair Tonic online at

Do you ever get a chance to use this or any other hair care product, do share your experience. :)


  1. I have dry hair :/ i must try this :)
    Thank you :)

  2. Hmm im using coocnut oil with castor oil and started to seeing the difference. I will order this one too thanks for the review

  3. really ? never tried saeed ghani products .. thanks for the review dear x

  4. Sounds amazing.....Nice review dear...xoxoxo....^_^

  5. this looks good..I once bought a saeed ghani shampoo thinking it was oil :D

  6. Nice to know that the oil works so well!

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