Saturday, 8 March 2014

Online Shopping - Daraz.PK

Online shopping is becoming famous now a days around the world, but in our country people give preferences to buy things personally, Why?  there are a few main reasons for not following such way of shopping

1.  We don't have any reliable online store here in Pakistan
2.  We are not sure whatever we are going to buy from a store is either original or fake.
3.  The store is not going to eat their money without delivering the product.
4.  Blah Blah Blah

When anyone is going to buy anything from some online store they must keep / follow few points in their mind just for the sake of security point of view.  Main point is the people behind any online store are not cheater, so first they check who is running this store and the credibility and reliability of the management, 2nd step checking the feed back of the buyers or followers, their shopping experience may raised the reliability bar, 3rd than definitely they are not selling any fake or wrong product.  After that they try to select the mode of payment, obviously they try to select Cash on deliver, selecting this mode may cause to pay some extra amount even but give a 100% peace of mind.

So far, Luckily we got an amazing online retailer store here, the Daraz.PK.  They offer lots of variety related to fashion.  What they are claiming about their store offers you a shopping experience that is unparalleled in Pakistan. We provide the most stylish, trendy and reliable shopping platform, that is light on your pockets with an unmatched convenience level. At Daraz we understand your needs, hence we strive to offer you the most stylish, personalized and secure online shopping experience. We showcase products from a wide scope of brands: established foreign names to Pakistan’s local retail entities. 


They are offering wide range for Men, Women, Kids, Sports, Home & Lifestyle and much more.

Their Product Line:
Mostly dealings in apparels, footwear, accessories, jewellery, Makeup, Perfumes,

Brands Banner:

They are holding almost all local and international famous brands under one roof.

Services they are offering:

1-  Delivery =  Door to door
2- Mode of payment = Cash on Delivery
3- Availability = 24/7 online service
4- Return Policy = Free 7 days return policy.
5- Free Shipping *

How to do Shopping:

I got a chance to buy  some stuff with them, i will share my shopping experience in my next post. :)

Do you get a chance to buy some stuff with them??? how was your experience, do share pls.



  1. my experience with daraz has always been nice.

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  3. love shopping frm daraz :)

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